Rent a PO Box address!

With a business PO Box address, you receive all your mail in one location. That may be convenient and looks more professional. Business Center Winterswijk rents out PO Box addresses for €100 excluding VAT per month. You will be notified automatically when we receive a postal item for you. This prevents unnecessary checking of your PO Box. The PO Boxes are accessible 7 days a week between 6.00 and 23.00. We can also forward your postal items to another address.

PO Box address convenient for entrepreneur working from home

Are you a novice entrepreneur and do you spend a lot of time on the road? Rent a PO Box address. If you register your company with the Chamber of Commerce, you need to enter a business address. This can also be a business PO Box address. The PO Box address collects all your postal items. At a time convenient for you, you collect them. This will prevent your postbox to get clogged up, or neighbours needing to accept your parcels all the time.

PO Box address for abroad

If you move abroad, a PO Box address in the Netherlands ensures your accessibility. For foreign companies entering the Dutch market, a postal address in the Netherlands can also be very effective. For owners of Dutch companies who want to open a branch in another location, a postal address can also be ideal. We will forward your postal items and parcels!

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