The face behind Business Center Winterswijk

Henk ten Dolle is the founder and owner of Business Center Winterswijk, which is also called Talentenpark . In addition, he is the director of Palio, a company specialized in Rapid Prototyping, Rapid Manufacturing and 3D printing. He attaches importance to innovation.

What is more, according to him innovation is the most important factor of his success in business. Innovation results from accidental encounters of people with their own vision and knowledge, says Henk ten Dolle. Business Center Winterswijk offers great opportunities for accidental encounters.

Self-Employed Workers

Henk ten Dolle never uses the term self-employed worker without employees. ”I deliberately use the term self-employed worker. Leaving out ‘without employees’ makes a world of difference in my opinion. The term Self-Employed Worker does more justice to entrepreneurs.” They affect him, those self-employed workers. “I know what it takes to be an entrepreneur and I know how difficult it can be to make all the decisions on your own.

That is how I know that now and then, an entrepreneur has a need for contacts with other professionals to exchange ideas. And that is why I also let out flexspaces at Business Center Winterswijk.”